We have carefully inspected each piece before purchasing it; however, most pieces from each shipment need minor restoration.  At the very least, each piece needs to have the finish refreshed with a coat of French wax or polish.  This minor restoration is included in the final cost.

We can also do extensive restoration to any particular piece.  There is an additional cost for this which is determined by the scope of work and the size of the job.  We are happy to work with you this and provide you with an estimate.

If you have any antiques in your personal collection in need of restoration, please contact Tomasz Dombrowski at 719- 648-4195.

Please see the Antique Treasures Restoration Studio website for more information.


We can customize any piece to suit your specific needs and décor preference.  Some of our customer have adjusted pieces in the following ways;

– Changed color, finish or stain

– Distressed finish

– Built custom bed with doors as headboards

– Raised the height of the piece

– Structurally changed the piece by reducing the depth of the piece (please note: this is a timely project, therefore costs more. But we can do it!!)

If you wish to have extensive work done on a piece, please let us know.  We will work with you to determined what is needed and provide you with an estimate.